Positive Bow-Spring Centralizer


The Weatherford positive bow-spring centralizer is used for both casing and tubing applications that require concentric casing strings.

The centralizer significantly reduces frictional drag when used in deviated cased holes and can provide nearly 100-percent standoff in cased-hole applications. The rigid bows are held in place with locking tabs on specially formed end collars. This forms a nonweld design capable of providing exceptionally high standoff forces. During the planning phase, Weatherford CentraPro Plus® software is recommended to ensure optimum centralizer quantity  and placement with minimized friction forces.  


  • Liner and packer setting in cased holes
  • Stage and surface cementing
  • Well abandonment operations

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

  • Formed U-profile bows provide superior standoff for more effective centralization compared to conventional bow-spring centralizers. This enables efficient liner-hanger and packer setting.
  • Formed U-profile bows provide additional flow area to aid in mud removal, which contributes to a high-quality primary cement job.
  • Special locking tabs connect the bows to the end collars to provide outstanding lateral resistance and a flexible, nonweld design.
  • The centralizer achieves the highest restoring-force-to-drag ratio when run in hole in cased-hole applications.
  • Both slip-on and latch-on versions are available.