PoxiLok Epoxy-Injected Stop Collar


Provides a holding force of more than 60,000 lbf (266,893N) to limit centralizer movement on the pipe 


  • High axial forces, particularly in challenging conditions such as deep wells and long laterals 

Features and Benefits 

  • Provides holding force of more than 60,000 lbf (266,893 N)
  • Offers non-scarring characteristics
  • Enhances support for rotating bow-spring centralizers by means of unique bevels on each end

Tool Description 

The PoxiLok epoxy-injected stop collar has TubeLok epoxy injected into small ports around its circumference. The TubeLok epoxy and set screws contribute to the superior holding force of the stop collar. Available in a slip-on configuration, the PoxiLok stop collar has set screws in either a standard double row or a staggered double row.