Rigid-Bar Centralizer


Weatherford’s rigid-bar centralizers provide positive standoff and centralization of casing strings in openhole and cased-hole applications during running and cementing operations. 

The rigid-bar centralizer is available in a single-bar configuration for cased-hole applications and a double-bar configuration for openhole applications. The configurations are welded to latch-on or slip-on end collars, providing operational flexibility to meet operator requirements. 

To meet extreme axial and radial loads often associated with large-bore subsea applications, the rigid centralizer can be custom-built in a square-bar or flat-bar configuration with extra, heavy-duty end collars and/or a double row of set screws.


  • Cased-hole and openhole applications requiring positive casing standoff and centralization
  • Large-bore, subsea applications with extreme axial and radial loads
  • Vertical and horizontal wells

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The centralizer is available in various configurations, providing operational flexibility to meet client requirements.
  • Bar configurations provide positive standoff and centralization of casing strings in openhole and cased-hole applications, providing the best possible opportunity to achieve zonal isolation with primary cementation.
  • Bars are welded to the outer diameter of the end collars, providing a reliable and durable centralizer.
  • Set screws secure the centralizer to the casing string, enabling the device to be pulled in and out of the wellbore.
  • Square-bar and flat-bar configurations provide a large bearing surface, eliminating virtually all wellbore gouging for openhole applications.
  • Slip-on end collars feature a single-piece end band, enabling the centralizer to be rotated if required.
  • Latch-on end collars feature an integral hinge that folds to the inside after installation, preventing unfolding in extreme conditions.
  • All common centralizer sizes have been tested and validated to American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D requirements, ensuring product performance during operations.
  • A shallow-angle leading profile enables the centralizer to pass through tight restrictions, providing maximum operational flexibility.


  • Available with slip-on or latch-on end collars. Latch-on end collars are available with an integral stop collar.
  • Square-bar or flat-bar configurations are available for subsea applications.
  • Note: Rigid outside diameter (OD) is smaller than minimum restrictions.