Rotating Centralizer


Weatherford’s rotating centralizers are specifically designed to maximize fluid-displacement efficiency in highly deviated wellbores by enabling pipe to rotate freely during running and cementing operations.

The centralizer meets or exceeds American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D specifications, ensuring the welded design can withstand most wellbore environments while providing optimum standoff and low moving forces.

The rotating centralizer features heat-treated, spring-steel bows that are welded to rigid end collars, providing excellent downhole durability and performance. The centralizer is installed over a slip-on stop collar to minimize the moving force during reciprocating operations.


  • Highly deviated wellbores requiring optimum pipe standoff with reduced drag
  • Pipe requiring centralization and rotation to reach total depth 
  • Pipe that will be rotated and/or reciprocated during primary cementing to ensure successful zone isolation

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The slip-on centralizer features single-piece end bands that enable full rotation of the casing string, increasing the displacement efficiency of cement around the casing string for an enhanced cement bond.
  • High-performance bows provide positive standoff, enabling proper cement placement, minimizing remedial cementing operations and costs.
  • A tapered, slip-on stop collar fits inside the centralizer, limiting axial movement during run-in and run-out of the wellbore.
  • End collars are specially designed to provide enhanced rigidity, featuring a more robust centralizer capable of withstanding high load situations.
  • The high-quality, spring-steel bows are
  • heat-treated to withstand most wellbore environments, increasing operational flexibility.
  • All common centralizer sizes have been tested and validated to API 10D requirements, providing reliability and durability during operations.