Short-Spiral Rigid Centralizer


Weatherford’s short-spiral rigid centralizers are designed to enhance cementing operations in highly deviated and horizontal wells by providing positive standoff with increased fluid velocity.

The centralizer features spiral blades at 45° angles, providing a turbulent motion of fluids in the direct vicinity of the centralizer for more efficient mud and cement displacement. Constructed from abrasion-resistant mild steel, the centralizer is capable of withstanding the high loads encountered during running and cementing operations.


  • Wellbores requiring increased fluid turbulence to remove mud more efficiently ahead of the primary cement job
  • Medium to hard formations with minimal washed-out areas
  • Highly deviated and horizontal wells

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The centralizer provides positive standoff in the wellbore, enabling cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string for an enhanced cement job.
  • The 45° spiral blades provide increased velocity with a turbulent motion, optimizing mud and cement displacement to provide the best possible conditions for primary cementation to achieve zonal isolation, minimizing remedial cementing operations.
  • Blades overlay the entire 360° circumference, ensuring full wellbore contact and creating a turbulent mud flow for efficient displacement.
  • Abrasion-resistant mild steel blade and collar construction enables the centralizer to withstand applied loads during running and cementing operations, providing operational flexibility.
  • Continuous welds secure the blades to the collar, ensuring downhole performance.
  • Optional set screws hold the centralizer to the casing string, preventing movement during run-in.


  • Available with or without set screws