Turbolizer Centralizer


Weatherford’s Turbolizer centralizers are built on the success of Weatherford’s welded bow-spring centralizers, with the addition of specifically designed deflector blades.

The special blades are riveted to heat-treated bows and are designed to deflect fluid flow in a turbulent spiral. This effect helps break-up drilling mud when running casing and improves mud removal during circulation. It also improves cement distribution by eliminating channeling during cementing operations.

Turbolizer centralizers are available in single-straight or  double-reverse bow configurations. The single-straight configuration has a built-in stop collar that features a tapered leading edge to prevent the centralizer from hanging up during run-in. The double-reverse configuration is a stacked design of the single-straight configuration without the built-in stop collar. The double-reverse configuration features deflector blades at  one end, enabling the centralizer to be placed over stop collars if required. 

During the planning phase, use of Weatherford’s CentraPro Plus ® software is recommended to ensure optimum centralizer quantity and placement with minimized friction forces.


  • Tubing or casing applications
  • Wellbores requiring increased fluid turbulence to remove mud more efficiently ahead of the primary cement job
  • Vertical or slightly deviated wells
  • Wells where rotation capabilities may be advantageous

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • Deflection blades increase fluid motion, helping to break up drilling fluid and improve cement placement, minimizing channeling.
  • Right- and left-hand deflector blades help deflect fluid flow in a turbulent spiral pattern, evenly distributing cement around the casing to improve the cement job.
  • The bows and deflector blades are made of high-quality, spring-steel, enabling the centralizer to withstand most wellbore environments.
  • All common centralizer sizes have been tested and validated to American Petroleum Institute (API) specification 10D requirements, providing reliability and durability during operations.
  • Bows provide maximum standoff to give the best centralization, improving cementing operations and lowering costs.
  • Double-reverse bow centralizers feature a stacked design with deflector blades on one end, enabling installation over a stop collar or casing coupling to assure the tool is pulled into or out of the hole


  • Available in single-straight or double-reverse bow configurations.