VariForm Centralizer


Achieves high restoring forces and keeps starting and running forces low in deviated and horizontal holes


  • Horizontal and deviated hole sections in which minimal to no starting and running forces are required to enable casing to reach total depth

Features and Benefits

  • The VariForm® centralizer has an advanced design that enables customization for unique or critical applications.
  • The proprietary fillerless welding technique used to form the centralizer body results in a weldment virtually indistinguishable from the parent metal.
  • The one-piece construction results in a robust centralizer that can withstand immense forces and remain intact, which eliminates debris in the hole.
  • Minimal cross-sectional area minimizes flow restrictions and decreases equivalent circulating densities.
  • The centralizer is engineered for deviated and horizontal holes and provides high restoring forces with a 0-lbf (0-N) running force.
  • All sizes have been tested and validated to exceed American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D requirements.

Tool Description

The Weatherford VariForm centralizer is a high-performance, one-piece centralizer designed for use in deviated and horizontal holes. The centralizer keeps starting and running forces at or near 0 lbf (0 N) for minimum drag during casing running, and it achieves high restoring forces for maximum standoff during cementing operations.