VariForm UR Centralizer


Achieves high restoring forces in the underreamed hole after passing through tight restrictions


  • Underreamed hole sections, which require high restoring forces in the open hole and low starting and running forces in the preceding casing strings
  • Close-tolerance cased-hole applications when running casing or liners

Features and Benefits

  • The VariForm® UR centralizer has an advanced design that enables customization for unique or critical applications.
  • The one-piece construction results in a robust centralizer that can withstand immense forces and remain intact, which eliminates debris in the hole.
  • After running through tight restrictions, the centralizer provides exceptional restoring force and, in turn, excellent standoff in the open hole.
  • The UR centralizer facilitates reaching bottom in any given application.
  • The UR centralizer minimizes flow restrictions and increases equivalent circulating densities.
  • The proprietary fillerless welding technique used to form the centralizer body results in a weld virtually indistinguishable from the parent metal.
  • The UR centralizer is tested in the same way that it is actually used downhole:
    First, the centralizer is run into a restriction, and then the performance is tested in the open hole as specified in American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D, which includes flexing the bow springs 12 times.

Tool Description

The Weatherford VariForm UR centralizer has a unique, one-piece design that can be varied to fit the application. Well suited for underreamed holes, the UR centralizer achieves high restoring forces after passing through restrictions. The centralizer also offers lower starting and running forces than most bow spring centralizers when passing through previous casing strings.