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A high-quality primary cement job permanently isolates hydrocarbons and water zones and forms a hydraulic seal between the casing and the formation—requirements for life-of-well integrity.

During primary cementing operations, float equipment serves as a critical path component for casing equipment and sets the stage for a high-quality cement job. 

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Weatherford offers a comprehensive selection of float equipment―including float shoes and float collars―for any well environment from unconventional to deepwater.

Our float equipment facilitates getting the casing to total depth and prevents cement placed in the annulus from flowing back into the casing. It also provides a landing point for casing wiper plugs, and makes up the critical components of the shoe track assuring competent cement at the casing shoe. 

As the global leader in cementing products, we can design, engineer, manufacture, distribute, install, and service float equipment that meets your needs for any asset, anywhere in the world.

Our unique tool designs are suited for applications ranging from cost-sensitive to premium. These field-proven tools deliver a secure primary cement placement and reduce the chances of remedial operations, even when operating in harsh environments. And should our extensive portfolio fall outside of your operating needs, our engineers can custom-build float equipment for any need. 

Our Large Bore Flow Activated Auto-Fill Float Equipment reduces surge, drilling fluid loss, and elapsed time for running casing and liner

This equipment enables drilling fluids to enter a casing or liner string while it is running in hole. To operate in autofill mode, the float equipment is run as an integral part of the casing or liner string when running in autofill mode. Each equipment model features one or two flapper valves that are held in an open position by a composite autofill tube. This process can result in faster casing- or liner-string run times.  

Our float equipment technologies are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including back pressure, plug-bump pressure and abrasion from flow. Additionally, Weatherford's float equipment is thoroughly tested under API RP10F and field proven throughout the world. We provide training and technical support through our global distribution network. 

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