Stage Cementing Tools


Stage cementing tools first stage

Selective cementing is required in wellbores with lost circulation zones, high water pressure, low formation pressure, and high-pressure gas zones.  

Stage cement tools provide effective isolation for targeted sections of the wellbore in which the high hydrostatic and pump pressures of a single primary cement job would break down the formation. 

Stage cementing tools underground

Weatherford offers a comprehensive line of stage cementing tools that enhance cement integrity in wells that require selective zonal isolation.

Our technologies reduce the total pumping pressure in long casing strings, prevent lost circulation by reducing total hydrostatic pressure on weak zones, and enable selective cementing of specific formations. We manufacture stage cementing tools in many sizes, styles, and options to provide our clients the best fit for each stage cementing application:

  • Mechanically operated tools feature a unique mechanism that prevents premature closing and a unitary sleeve that results in greater wall thickness and superior strength.
  • Hydraulically operated tools are compatible with annular casing packers and feature aluminum seats for easy drillout. These tools require no free-fall plug device and are therefore not dependent upon hole angle or mud properties.
  • V0 rated tools are tested and qualified to ISO 14998 V0 criteria.
  • Integral-with-packer tools combine a stage tool with a packer in a single body.

As the global leader in cementing products, we can design, engineer, manufacture, distribute, install, and service stage-cementing equipment that meets your needs for any asset, anywhere in the world.

Our unique tool designs are suited for challenging applications, including HPHT wells, horizontal wells, and weak formations.

Stage cementing tools prep

The Weatherford Eliminator™ GT Series stage tool model 756 features a V0 gas-tight seal and a hydraulically opened port system to enable cementing at any angle.

The tool forms a gas-tight barrier that enables a quality cement column above the producing interval in horizontal and openhole completions. The Eliminator GT Series stage tool model 756 can be placed anywhere on the casing string and runs in well deviations of up to 90°.

Our multistage cementing technologies―designed to run with our field-proven wiper plugs and darts―provide effective wellbore isolation when cementing the casing string in intervals or stages.