Top-Drive Cementing Swivel


Optimizes mud removal and cement placement by enabling pipe rotation 


  • Rotating casing during cementing jobs
  • Rotating the workstring while pumping openhole cement plugs

Features and Benefits 

  • The swivel enables prolonged rotation of the casing or workstring up to 120 rpm under pressures of 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) during displacement and cement pumping operations.
  • Patented sealing prevents leaking under high loads, pressures, and revolutions.
  • Availability in two sizes enables the swivel to meet different operational requirements. The 4 1/2-in. swivel has a tensile rating of 1,476,837 lb (669,882 kg); the 6 5/8-in. swivel has a tensile rating of 2,250,001 lb (1,020,583 kg).
  • The compact design is approved by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Tool Description 

The Weatherford cementing swivel is built for use with a top-drive system, but it can be used on a rotary-drive drilling rig. The cementing swivel enables rotation of the drillpipe while pumping and displacing cement and also enhances mud removal when cement enters the annulus. The swivel can be used in any operation in which a drillpipe string is used to set a cement plug or plugs, especially in horizontal or vertical sections.