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Wellbore construction demands a diverse selection of specialized tools and equipment to achieve maximum safety and efficiency.

Weatherford rental tools and equipment provides the resources to supplement existing inventory, to add new capabilities, to ensure compliance with operational and regulatory specifications, and to reduce or eliminate storage and maintenance costs.

Drilling Tools and Rental Equipment WELLS-FRAC

Our surface and downhole solutions provide answers for a diverse scope of applications.

We offer answers for hole enlargement, pressure control, fishing operations, and mechanical friction reduction.

Innovative technology is a powerful advantage to enhance safety and reliability in a wide scope of wellbore construction operations.

Our drilling tools and rental equipment eliminate the cost of ownership while delivering efficient and cost-effective performance. In addition, our specialists support multiple applications to reduce your risk exposure and improve your drilling performance.



As a pioneer of advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for reaming and circulating tools, Weatherford provides game-changing capabilities and flexibility to enhance safety and efficiency in wellbore construction.

Weatherford provides fast access to advanced drilling tools and rental equipment. Our technicians are there every step of the way to deliver the specialized tools you need for virtually any drilling, completion, or workover task.

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