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Drilling Rental Tools Drillpipe

Successful wellbore construction often requires specialized rental tools to solve problems when drilling difficult wells.

Advanced drillpipe, collars, and tubulars provide drillstring options to enhance cuttings transport and eliminate associated torque problems in extended-reach drilling (ERD). 

Drilling Rental Tools Pipe Yard

Weatherford provides Hydroclean® drillpipe, collars, and tubulars that significantly improve downhole hydraulics to achieve superior hole cleaning in ERD wellbores.

Drilling Rental Tools Hydroclean

Hydroclean series drillpipe, collars, and tubulars enhance cuttings removal and eliminate related torque problems with precisely angled profiles that hydraulically lift cuttings off the wellbore wall and propel them uphole. 

The series provides the same hole-cleaning efficiency as a conventional drillstring at 20-to 30-percent-lower flow rates.


Hydroclean is a registered trademark of SMF International.

As your global resource for drilling rental tools, Weatherford offers innovative technologies that make wellbore construction safer and more efficient.