Performance Drilling Tools


Performance Drilling Tools_Workers with RipTide

Enhancing well construction performance requires innovative tools that address a wide variety of key drilling operations.

At each step in the drilling process, opportunities exist to enhance performance. When carrying out common tasks such as enlarging holes and freeing stuck pipe, improved performance pays big dividends. In addition, precise tracking of drillpipe achieves much greater efficiencies with real-time monitoring and data management.

Performance Drilling Tools Dailey Jars

Weatherford enhances drilling performance and efficiency by applying radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to actively control downhole tools.

Also, our drilling jars provide the downhole energy to free stuck pipe quickly and cost effectively. 

Weatherford performance drilling tools add value at many levels by increasing efficiency, flexibility, and communication.

Our tools reduce cost, enhance safety, and improve operational capabilities in deep, long, horizontal, and other challenging wellbore designs.

Performance Drilling Tools RipTide Field Engineer

RipTide® RFID reamer tools leverage advanced communication methods to provide you unlimited downhole activation cycles as well as the ability to place multiple reamers in the drilling assembly.

RFID control provides an innovative way to improve wellbore construction and efficiency.

Activate high performance with the specialized tools and the fast access you need for nearly any drilling task.