JetStream RFID Drilling Circulation Sub


Enables remote, selective, unlimited actuation for efficient borehole cleaning and LCM spotting


  • Increasing annular velocity
  • Spotting of lost-circulation material (LCM) pills in any drilling assembly
  • Spotting of kill-weight fluid in the vertical section of extended-reach or horizontal wells prior to pulling out of the hole
  • Cleaning the wellbore
  • Jetting the blowout preventer (BOP) stack
  • Using a fill-and-drain sub while running coring, drilling, or displacement strings
  • Increasing flow above a turbine, mud motor, or any other flow-restrictive bottomhole assembly (BHA) component


  • The large inner diameter (ID) enables full through-bore flow.
  • RFID technology enables unlimited, selective actuation without reducing the total flow area.
  • The RFID-activated circulating valve logs time, drillpipe pressure, hydraulic micro-pump pressure (inside the sub), temperature, and battery capacity within the internal memory of the sub.
  • The i-Rabbit® close-proximity wireless communication device makes downhole data available for download within 1 hour of retrieval at surface. The data is automatically converted and displayed on a vertical strip chart.


  • Increases annular velocity above an underreamer and achieves turbulent flow for enhanced debris removal
  • Conditions fluid at a high rate in drilling and displacement strings
  • Enhances operational flexibility with unlimited, selective actuation
  • Enables clients to perform multiple operations—including LCM spotting, wellbore cleaning, and selective zone cleaning—without tripping in and out of the hole, thereby increasing efficiency
  • Can be run in combination with numerous downhole tools and systems without compromising BHA performance

The Jetsream® radio-frequency identification (RFID) drilling circulation sub is a remotely actuated circulation device that facilitates drilling and hole-cleanup operations. The drilling circulation sub uses RFID technology to communicate open and close commands. When the operator needs to move the sub from the closed position to either of the two open positions, for example, an RFID tag is dropped from the surface and circulated internally through the sub. A built-in antenna receives the RFID signal, and a battery-powered electric motor operates a hydraulic pump, which moves the sleeve into the appropriate position. The JetStream RFID sub does not require a ball seat to operate; therefore, it does not have a reduction in ID. This is especially beneficial when running multiple tools, because using ball seats when running multiple tools creates a major restriction at the lowermost ball seat.



Tool OD 5.250 in.
(133.3 mm)
7.000 in.
(177.8 mm)
8.250 in.
(209.5 mm)
9.500 in.
(241.3 mm)
Tool ID 1.955 in.
(49.7 mm)
2.875 in.
(73.0 mm)
2.875 in.
(73.0 mm)
2.875 in.
(73.0 mm)
Tensile yield 878,731 lbf
(3,908.8 N)
1,183,702 lbf
(5,265.4 N)
2,107,725 lbf
(9,375.6 N)
3,019,179 lbf
(13,430.0 N)
Tool ID flow area 3.002 in.2
(1,936.8 mm2)
6.50 in.2
(4,185.4 mm2)
Number of flow ports 4 6
Port flow area 3.9862 in.2
(2,571.7 mm2)
8.528 in.2
(5,502 mm2)
Maximum Flowrate 608 gal/min
(2.3 m³/min)
1,350 gal/min
(4.77 m³/min)
Temperature rating 266°F (130°C)
Torsional rating 28,046 ft-lb
(38,025.3 N·m)
56,164 ft-lb
(76,148.2 N·m)
111,520 ft-lb
(151,200.8 N·m)
188,890 ft-lb
(256,100.5 N·m)
Hydrostatic rating 25,000 psi (172.3 MPa)
Tool joint 4-in. FH 4 1/2-in. IF 6 5/8-in. API Reg 7 5/8-in. API Reg