Pressure Control Equipment


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Selecting the right pressure control is critical. It’s important to have all the options available.

Pressure control technology and fast, effective well control response are fundamental to successful wellbore construction and effective risk management.

Pressure Control Equipment Various Hyd & Man Gate Valves

Weatherford has a full line of conventional and premium pressure control technologies to provide the right options for your application, including specialized systems for underbalanced and near-balanced drilling applications.

Our WellCat® services provide global well control support. We also offer a comprehensive selection of wellhead systems.

Weatherford pressure control solutions provide you answers across a wide range of applications, from fundamental pressure management to highly experienced well-control response.

Pressure Control Equipment 3-1-16inch 15k Power Choke Valve & Remote Panel

WellCat critical control services help optimize responses to well-control incidents with an extensive inventory of specialized pressure control equipment, advanced software, and strategic support. 

Advanced pressure control methods from Weatherford are reliable and well-engineered to give you the option you need for your specific application.