RFID-Enabled Tools


RFID Enabled Tools Fingers holding RFID

As wellbores have increased in complexity, conventional drilling reamers and circulation subs have declined in efficiency. These tools also increase rig costs because they require multiple trips for mechanical or hydraulic activation.

Innovative application of active and passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies provides a game-changing range of options for downhole control and surface asset management. Active RFID provides new capabilities to enlarge holes, to circulate fluids for hole cleanup, and to reduce rathole length. Passive RFID provides a robust means to precisely track drillpipe for enhanced safety and efficiency.

RFID-Enabled Tools Tags

As a pioneer of RFID technology in the oil and gas industry, Weatherford is applying it in many innovative ways.

Weatherford RipTide® RFID drilling reamers provide active downhole RFID control that enables operators to enlarge holes up to 25 percent beyond bit diameter. Our JetStream® RFID circulation sub offers full through-bore performance that boosts annular velocity and turbulence to enhance debris removal and improve drilling efficiency. And our Smart Iron® RFID drillpipe achieves a new level of precise asset tracking that enhances safety and efficiency.

Weatherford uses RFID technology to improve efficiency and enhance safety both at and below the surface.

Eliminating conventional ball-drop activation speeds up downhole operations and provides new operational options. Drillpipe tracking provides new capabilities for precisely tracking drillpipe use.

RFID-Enabled Tools Jetstream Circulating Sub

The Jetstream RFID drilling circulation sub achieves higher flow rates and better hole cleanup than conventional ball-drop tools.

Its RFID-actuated circulating valve can be opened or closed an unlimited number of times by dropping an RFID tag from the surface and circulating it through the sub. This capability also enables the use of multiple tools in the drillstring and eliminates tripping to greatly improve efficiency and uptime. It also eliminates the need for flow-restricting ball seats to provide full through-bore access for wireline operations.

Weatherford RFID-enabled drilling reamers and circulation subs provide multiple, on-demand activations and deactivations, help preserve mud properties to improve circulation and drilling time, allow wireline access to tools below the reamer, and enable multiple standby tools to be run in the same drillstring. RFID technology can mean the difference between a cost-effective operation and an over-budget one, especially when rig rates and spread costs are high.