Fishing Services


Fishing tools

Stray or damaged equipment that falls or breaks inside a wellbore―referred to as fish or junk—must be retrieved by a fishing operation using specialized tools.

Inefficient fishing operations may take days. And during that time, no drilling or workover operations can occur.


To minimize nonproductive time (NPT) and fishing costs, it’s critical to have the right fishing equipment and expertise available when you need them.

Fishing Services Mills

Weatherford fishing services offer the industry a comprehensive line of fishing, milling, casing, tubing patch, and decomissioning tools.

With locations in most petroleum provinces around the world, we offer you a combination of the right tool, experienced personnel, excellent service, and a strong commitment to health, safety, and the environment. 

Weatherford can quickly mobilize skilled personnel and equipment for fishing services to restore your drilling or workover operations quickly, save rig time, and help you to minimize NPT.