Expandable Liner Hangers


Expandable Liner Hangers expandable hanger

When running and hanging long, heavy liners, operators benefit from simple installation, enhanced reliability, maximum seal integrity, and high hanging capacities.

Expandable liner-hanger technology is used to run and hang long liners, improve cement job results, and provide liner-top integrity.

Expandable Liner Hangers ELH run

The thick-walled TruForm® expandable liner-hanger system from Weatherford has been tested to rigorous ISO 14310 standards and is V0 qualified to 12,000 psi (82.7 MPa).

The solid, one-piece TruForm body integrates and protects independent anchor and seal sections without requiring additional support mechanisms.

The TruForm system includes features such as a balanced junk bonnet, redundant seals, anchor sections isolated from pressure, and compatibility with dual cement plugs.

Its compliant cone ensures smooth expansion without pressure spikes. The system operates at a lower applied surface pressure while expanding thick, high-yield liner material that provides reliable pressure performance. In addition, the system has the same high-differential pressure rating above and below the elements. All these built-in reliability features differentiate our system from other expandable liners on the market.

Expandable Liner Hangers pressure seal

The one-piece, thick-walled, expandable TruForm body integrates independent anchor and seal sections comprised of tungsten-carbide inserts and elastomeric elements, respectively.

The inserts provide superb anchoring capabilities, and the redundant packer elements with anti-extrusion barriers provide maximum differential pressure capability after expansion. Each element is securely bonded to the TruForm body to resist high flow rates and swabbing during running in the hole and circulation.

A unique anchor pattern combined with carbide buttons (versus the elastomers or slips used in some expandable systems) improves hanging capability. The ability to manipulate the string during cementing also differentiates the Weatherford technology from some competitors. The TruForm technology uses a multiple-seal system especially suited for applications that require high-pressure integrity or production volumes. This includes production liners and monobore completions, respectively. In liner applications that depend on wellbore cleanup, the TruForm system also enables rotation, reciprocation, and high circulation rates to achieve a quality cement job and adequate zonal isolation.

Weatherford provides a full line of conventional and expandable liner hangers along with our capabilities for planning and execution to reduce well-construction costs and mitigate risks. The result is superior quality control and compatibility that reduces nonproductive time, ensures more trouble-free installation, and provides life-of-well reliability with incredible strength and durability. 

Expandable Liner Hangers TruForm envelope