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Hanging extreme liner loads at total depth safely and efficiently is critical in ultra-deep, high-angle, and extended-reach wells. Liner hangers must be strong and reliable to endure throughout the life of the well.

Mechanical-set liner hangers, which are activated when set-down weight is applied, are suited for hanging any length of liner in a well that is not highly deviated and does not have to be reamed or drilled down. Hydraulic-set liner hangers are activated with hydraulic force, which makes them well suited for use in deep, highly deviated wells.

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Weatherford provides field-proven, reliable liner hangers for virtually any application.

Our liner hangers have superb run-in features, such as large bypass area and high load capacity. And their rotating capabilities help you achieve zonal isolation during primary cementing jobs. A high torque rating makes our liner systems well suited for applications such as cemented liners that can be rotated after setting, drill-down liners that set hydraulically, and liners that must be reamed down. 

With over 20,000 liner installations, Weatherford has a full suite of services and proven reliability in experience and equipment that enable us to plan and execute your entire liner operation.

We’re one of the only companies that combines our experience with liner-hanger, cementing, drilling, and tubular running products all under one roof. We manufacture liner hangers and a full line of ancillary products to improve liner-system capability for greater efficiency with significant rig-time cost savings, reduced risk exposure, and enhanced safety.

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The Weatherford premium hydraulic-set rotating liner hanger (WPHR) has outstanding rotation, push, and pull capabilities that have proven reliable in deep, highly deviated wells and drill-down and ream-down liners.

The WPHR liner hanger is available in rotation and static configurations.

The Weatherford premium mechanical rotating liner hanger (WPMR) has large slips that can be set in the hardest grades of casing to support extreme loads. The nonwelded cone and protected slips are designed to optimize bypass areas.

Weatherford liner hangers are repeatedly proven in some of the toughest well construction projects, including record-breaking ultra-deep, high-angle, and extended-reach liner installations.

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