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Liner Packers HPHT packer cover

Without the right liner-top packer in place and proper annular isolation, the integrity of your well is at risk, which can lead to costly and detrimental environmental and safety outcomes.

Liner-top packers are run as an integral part of liner-hanger assemblies to create a reliable liner-top seal between the host casing ID and liner string OD. Additionally, liner-top packers are used to isolate formation pressures below the liner top from the casing ID above, to isolate treating pressures below the liner top from casing or acid work, to isolate fluids while the cement sets, to eliminate gas migration, and to isolate lost circulation zones. Packers can also be used as a tieback completion or production packer. 

Liner Packers swageset

Weatherford has a portfolio of liner-top packers to suit specific well environments, from conventional to quality-critical applications.

When it comes to HPHT applications in high-angle, horizontal, or extended-reach wells, our SwageSeries liner-top packers provide maximum reliability and are at the top of our packer performance rating envelope. With standard service ratings of up to 12,500 psi (82.7 MPa) and extended service ratings up to 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) for most packer sizes, the SwageSeries packers meet ISO 14310 standards and are V0 qualified.

As a leader in liner systems, Weatherford has a broad portfolio of liner-top packers designed and manufactured for complete liner-system compatibility with cementing equipment.

Our SwageSet liner-top packer features a proprietary SwageSet element made of ridge-shaped AFLAS® elastomers bonded to an expandable metal ring. This element forms a permanent, anti-extrusion seal at the liner top. The unique, patented seal is significantly less susceptible to swabbing off while running in the hole than conventional, all-elastomer seals. Additionally, it enables high circulation rates past the liner-top packer assembly, which aids the removal of debris during well cleaning and improves the quality of cement integrity. 

AFLAS is a registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

Weatherford liner-top packers maximize reliability in both standard and HPHT environments with proprietary seals that provide reliable zonal isolation while improving well integrity.