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Running Tools Floating Junk Bonnet

Well construction success depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of critical tasks, including liner running and setting, cementing, and running-tool retrieval.

Running tools are required to run liners to total depth, set the hanger and/or packer, and help execute cementing operations. Operators can retrieve running tools from the wellbore and reuse them.

Running Tools FJB

Weatherford running tools are designed and manufactured for reliable liner-running operations and trouble-free installations.

These tools can be configured multiple ways to create an application-specific running string designated for a particular liner and well requirements. 

We offer running tools with our liners as a package solution.

The running tools are compatible with cementing products for greater efficiency, significant rig-time cost savings, reduced risk exposure, and enhanced safety. Weatherford running tools are a major factor in the successful track record we’ve achieved with our liners―including the longest extended-reach liner installation in the world.

Running Tools R

The Weatherford running-tool portfolio includes the patented floating junk bonnet (FBJ), which floats on a cushion of fresh water in the polished bore receptacle (PBR) to prevent entry of debris and  protect the running tools during liner run-in, hanger setting, running-tool release, and cementing.

Until the packer is set, the FJB remains stationary to avoid debris packing off around the running tool and to prevent the packer from releasing. With the FJB stationary, the drillstring can be raised to check for release without fear of debris falling into the PBR and interfering with the running tools.

Our R running tool with hydraulic unlock and mechanical release eliminates dropped liners and has outstanding drill-down capability. It can withstand high torque loads and is capable of rotating the liner during cementing operations to improve the cement bond.

Proven in some of the most demanding wells in the world, Weatherford running tools efficiently run and set liners to help achieve a successful cement bond.

Running Tools Rtool