Re-Entry Services


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During drilling and workover operations, operators confront various challenges that can threaten well integrity, result in stuck equipment, or require sidetracking to find new production zones.

Whether used as a contingency response to wellbore problems or as a planned wellbore development process, re-entry systems provide optimized solutions. In an ever-increasing range of wellbore conditions, depths, and sizes, re-entry systems can reduce the risk and expense of drilling a new well.

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Weatherford has a superior portfolio of re-entry systems engineered to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

We facilitate successful operations by delivering outstanding service with effective technology to consistently execute reliable casing exits and multilateral junctions. Whether your application is an open hole or cased hole, large or small casing, or deep or shallow zone, we provide re-entry options that optimize and complement your drilling programs and overall well construction requirements. Wherever your assets are, we have what you need when you need it.

Weatherford maximizes cost-certainty with a comprehensive portfolio of re-entry technologies, global experience that includes more than 12,000 casing exit installations, superior service quality, and highly trained re-entry personnel.

Weatherford maximizes cost-certainty with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of re-entry technologies and high-quality service. We consistently execute highly reliable casing exits and multilateral junctions by matching our technological innovations and engineered tools to your specific re-entry application.