Cased-Hole Systems


Cased Hole Systems Drilling view

Cased-hole exit systems create additional productive life and economic value in new and existing wells.

A casing-exit sidetrack provides access to additional resources behind pipe reservoirs and also serves as a contingency option to bypass obstructed or damaged wellbores. In an industry driven to continually reduce cost and risk, operators require more than just a casing-exit window. They require a casing-exit system that allows for the quick creation of a reliable casing window in a minimum number of trips. The system must also ensure a window geometry that provides optimum compatibility with drilling and liner programs, regardless of casing size, grade, depth, or inclination.

Weatherford cased-hole re-entry systems provide the industry maximum flexibility and reliability in a wide range of conditions.

Whether you're operating in a vertical, horizontal, or deviated well, we provide a portfolio of casing-exit systems for the smallest to the largest casing sizes. Our products and experience combine to deliver you a cased-hole re-entry solution anytime and anywhere around the globe.

With more than 12,000 casing-exit installations to date and comprehensive casing-exit training available to our specialists, we have the experience necessary to provide a re-entry solution in even the most challenging of cased-hole conditions.

The unique setting mechanism  of our MultiCatch whipstock anchor allows for either mechanical or hydraulic setting in a wide range of casing sizes, including uncommon sizes that systems from other providers cannot catch. This unique setting process makes it possible to orient the whipstock towards a low-side exit when required in inclined and horizontal wellbores.

Our QuickCut casing-exit systems are run with the whipstock and can quickly mill full-bore windows and ratholes in a single trip for significant rig-time savings.

Our advanced MillSmart technology makes casing exits possible in even the most exotic materials, such as TAC-140 and V-150 casing grades, or 25-percent chrome metallurgies. The design of our anchor systems provides for complete confidence in the ability to retrieve the whipstock from wellbores. Our track record for whipstock recovery in cased-well conditions exceeds 99 percent.

Weatherford provides a full range of engineered cased-hole re-entry systems that provide maximum reliability and capability regardless of hole conditions. Supported by our team of highly trained and certified specialists around the world, our re-entry group is focused on providing the optimum casing-exit solution, anywhere in the world and anytime you need it.