Multilateral Systems


Multilateral Systems Diagram

To maximize the benefits of multilateral systems—increased production and decreased top-down drilling and completion costs—the proper system must be matched to specific well objectives and conditions. This task requires both proven re-entry technology and personnel expertise to ensure a problem-free multilateral installation.

Used to access bypassed reserves and increase exposure to pay zones, multilateral systems are classified by their TAML (Technology Advancement for Multilaterals) level. TAML is an industry scale that defines the level of mechanical support provided at the junction between the lateral bore and the existing main wellbore. 

With a wide range of proven multilateral system offerings, Weatherford has completed more than 500 installations in a variety of environments around the world.

Our portfolio ranges from basic TAML Level 1 openhole systems up to our award-winning OneTrip StarBurst Level 4 system, which is designed to optimize the installation of multilaterals that require maximum mechanical support. Our multilateral systems help reduce cost and surface footprint while improving reserves and productivity.

Weatherford consistently executes highly reliable casing exits and multilateral junctions in open and cased holes by matching our technological innovations and engineered tools to your specific re-entry application.

We focus on reduced trip requirements and simple multilateral construction concepts to keep total well costs and junction construction hardware to a minimum. 

Weatherford offers the first-of-its-kind OneTrip StarBurst system to minimize the duration, associated cost, and risk in complex plays by reducing the number of trips typically required in multilateral installations and cutting rig-time by at least two days.

Our StarBurst and award-winning OneTrip StarBurst systems feature a hollow whipstock that allows the systems to remain in the wellbore, unlike conventional whipstocks that must be removed.

Eliminating whipstock retrieval reduces the time and cost of multilateral installations, minimizes the time between drilling and running of lateral casing, and minimizes risk exposure.

Weatherford maximizes cost-certainty with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of re-entry technologies and some of the highest service quality in the industry. We consistently execute highly reliable casing exits and multilateral junctions by matching our technological innovations and engineered tools to your specific re-entry application.