Openhole Systems


Open Hole Systems Casing Exit

As a result of wellbore issues farther downhole, openhole sidetracks can be both expensive and time consuming when balanced cement plugs are used to divert the drill bit. Additionally, it’s not always possible to set cement plugs, and they are sometimes ineffective when drilling in highly compressive formations that are harder than the cement plugs.

Openhole re-entry applications provide a means to bypass existing obstructions in the main wellbore or to drill lateral wellbores for exploiting additional reservoirs. To best ensure the ability to divert the drilling assembly from the mainbore, a variety of tools and techniques can be used to anchor a whipstock within the openhole portion of the wellbore. Once sidetracking has been achieved, the whipstock equipment can either be left in place or retrieved if access to the mainbore is desired.

Weatherford has developed a wide range of openhole re-entry systems to address a variety of potential wellbore conditions.

We also offer high-performance, robust anchoring options that provide maximum formation grip and torque ratings.

Our openhole whipstock system inflatable type anchor (IPP®) is a single-trip, screw-in whipstock that can be run with multiple anchoring options to engage various stuck fish profiles, perforated tailpipe assemblies allowing through-whipstock cementing in hard-to-drill formations, and inflatable anchoring options when off-bottom sidetracks are desired. 

Among our openhole solutions is the ROKANKOR® system—a hydraulically-set, mechanical, openhole whipstock anchor that provides maximum formation anchoring in highly compressive formations.

The ROKANKOR system enables you to access the pay zone in the shortest possible route by positioning the anchor and whipstock in the openhole wellbore without a false bottom or cement barrier. Additionally the ROKANKOR system provides an orientation riser and self-orienting latch. This capability saves significant time and trips by using a single ROKANKOR as the whipstock anchor point for the creation of multiple, close-spaced laterals in multilateral applications.

Weatherford provides a wide range of openhole re-entry systems that provide high reliability and capability regardless of wellbore conditions. Supported by our team of highly trained and certified specialists around the world, our re-entry group is focused on providing the optimum sidetracking solution, anywhere in the world and anytime you need it.