QuickCut Pro Service


Delivering actionable real-time data and top-tier consulting to casing-exit operations

Delivering actionable real-time data and top-tier consulting to casing-exit operations


  • Multilateral wells
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Wells with high dogleg severity
  • Mature wells
  • Infill drilling

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers real-time data to a certified Level-2 operator
  • Facilitates real-time communication between rig personnel and the support team
  • Supports real-time consultations with top-tier experts
  • Draws from the Weatherford Performance Tracking System (WPTS), which includes a referential database of more than 5,500 casing exits
  • Displays casing exits on a foot-by-foot basis
  • Records and secures data in a fully encrypted system
  • Offers an instant-replay mode
  • Uses the field-proven QuickCut™ casing-exit system, which combines a single-trip, full-gauge milling system with a single-angle concave that incorporates multiple anchor options
  • Enables comprehensive planning through AccuView® casing-exit optimization Software
  • Installs in 15 minutes or less, which reduces down time
  • Minimizes the risk of safety incidents by facilitating quick rig-floor makeup

Tool Description

The Weatherford QuickCut Pro℠ service combines our field-proven QuickCut™ casing-exit system with our easy-to-install AccuView software. The QuickCut system uses a single-angle concave to execute a smooth casing exit. AccuView software features an intuitive user interface that enables better real-time communication and decision making during casing-exit operations.

By combining these two technologies, the QuickCut Pro service provides the tools and expertise to execute an accurate casing exit. The service works with all casing-string designs and can be used in diverse, challenging well profiles.