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Cost-effectively enhancing the architecture of new wells and optimizing the production of existing wells is critical, especially when well design constraints, drilling hazards, and mature-field challenges limit your conventional options.

Solid expandable liners provide cost-effective solutions as planned or contingency casing strings in both cased-hole and openhole applications. Cased-hole installations permanently and effectively isolate damaged casing or seal off unwanted perforations. Solid expandable liners improve well architecture, mitigate drilling hazards, and overcome mature-field challenges without restricting the production casing size. 

Solid Expandable Systems Solid Expandables

Weatherford MetalSkin® solid expandable liners can be used at different stages of the well life cycle to enhance the value of your reservoir and improve your return on investment in drilling or workover operations.

Our MetalSkin systems use hydraulic pressure to expand the solid liner against casing or the open hole to isolate selective sections of the well. MetalSkin systems enable you to land optimum size pipe in the production zone, particularly when well design constraints, drilling hazards, and mature-field challenges limit your options. Installation is quick and reliable, requiring less rig time than alternative techniques. 

Weatherford has extensive applications experience gained through tens of thousands of solid expandable liner installations the world over.

We have pioneered many solid expandable completion technologies and have the most far-reaching engineering, manufacturing, distributing, and service infrastructure in the world.

Solid Expandable Systems Huntsville OCTG R&D Lab

Our Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Technology Center reflects a long-standing tradition of developing and enhancing expandable technology.

We design and test next-generation threaded connections under realistic downhole conditions, work with industry partners to develop more comprehensive testing standards for connections, and qualify connections on behalf of clients. We have developed FODC-OR and WTXC connections that have been tested and qualified to rigorous ISO 13679 and API RP 5-EX guidelines to optimize liner performance before, during, and after expansion, in the toughest environments.

Weatherford MetalSkin solid expandable liners isolate problematic sections of a well while minimizing the loss of hole size. Our expandables cost-effectively land optimum size pipe in the production zone to increase production, improve return on investment, and enhance reservoir value.

*Red indicates openhole applications. Grey indicates cased-hole applications.

Solid Expandable Systems HydraSkin capability chart