Internal Casing Patch


Internal Casing Patch homco casing patch

Cement squeezes are not always effective in sealing leaks or damage in casing and tubing, and they almost always break down over time. When facing a tubing or casing breach, you need a quick and effective fix to restore well integrity.

Casing leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, including corrosion, leaking connections, and split casing. Perforations can also ”water out” and can cause a number of issues. The Weatherford HOMCO® internal steel liner casing patch is designed to seal perforations, collar and thread leaks, splits, and limited corroded areas in tubing and casing to provide added protection during squeeze jobs.

Internal Casing Patch patch

Our HOMCO internal steel liner casing patch is a viable, cost-effective, and permanent solution to aging well issues.

Whether you need to seal perforations, leaks, or limited corroded areas in your casing or tubing, our casing patch can reliably and permanently repair your casing so you can resume operations as quickly as possible.

Our casing patch is resistant to cracking and crumbling. An epoxy resin spread on a fiberglass mat covers the outside diameter of the steel liner. The resin is extruded into leaks and cavities in the casing wall and acts as a gasket and secondary sealing agent. Among its advantages, the casing patch can be installed in the time it takes to make one round-trip. Our casing patch is also versatile: Patches are available for more than 60 different sizes and weights of tubing and casing.

The Weatherford HOMCO casing patch is highly reliable.

More than 10,000 patches have been installed worldwide. In a single wellbore, multiple patches can be installed at different depths. Because it has a thin-walled steel body, the HOMCO patch also minimizes diameter restriction when expanded.

As versatile as it is effective, the HOMCO patch permanently seals leaks and perforations as an alternative to cement squeezes or where cementing efforts fail.

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