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Today’s complex completions pose a host of wellbore-related challenges. Thru-tubing wellbore intervention offers some of the best solutions to these challenges, but thru-tubing equipment is only as good as the people operating it and the processes they execute.

Thru-tubing interventions remove fish, perform wellbore departures and stimulations, and isolate sections of the wellbore. This work can be performed through the production tubing, cased-hole sections, or openhole sections of the well much more efficiently and economically than conventional workovers.

Thru-Tubing Services Equipment

Weatherford has a vast array of thru-tubing equipment. Coupled with our skilled technicians and sharp execution of proven processes, perfected through years of service, we can efficiently and effectively address a range of thru-tubing applications.

This proven track record combined with hands-on professional training means that our people provide the highest value of service to our clients. Our services include removal of wellbore obstructions, wellbore exits, efficient well stimulation, gravel-pack solutions for sand control, novel water-shutoff techniques, and cost-effective casing remediation.

Our thru-tubing technicians are focused on minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) by ensuring that all aspects of the downhole environment are comprehensively modeled and thoroughly planned prior to each operation. While executing several thousand thru-tubing interventions every year, we continuously develop and reinforce best practices using our robust performance-tracking system (WPTS). Using WPTS, we can identify personnel with relevant experience, select appropriate thru-tubing tools and techniques, and apply lessons learned from one operation to the next.


Experience, technology, infrastructure, and ongoing training set us apart from the rest.

Weatherford uses innovative training methods and a competence assurance program to ensure that our thru-tubing specialists are well prepared to design and implement solutions that best fit your unique needs. Our experience translates to less risk, less NPT, less well-possession time, and improved economics.

Weatherford ReelFrac ZoneSelect® packer is part of the thru-tubing ReelFrac portfolio. It is designed to run with the ZoneSelect CT stimulation-sleeve system as the actuation tool. The packer is comprised of three components, including the CT unloader sub, the CT dual-cup packer sub, and the CT shifting sub.

In an unconventional well, the CT stimulation-sleeve system is run in as part of the completion string. Coiled tubing and the ReelFrac ZoneSelect packer are used to actuate the CT stimulation-sleeve system and perform the stimulation treatment. During this operation, the CT shifting sub is used to locate and expose keys on the tool when tension is applied. Then the packer is pulled up above the CT stimulation sleeve and subsequently pumped down with annular flow to shift open the sleeve.

After the CT stimulation sleeve is fully opened, the packer continues to move down the well until it reaches the CT combo sub, and the stimulation treatment can be performed down the annulus between the casing and the coil. After the stimulation operation is complete, the packer is pulled up to treat the next stage. If needed, the keys on the CT shifting sub can be disengaged or covered up. The keys must be disengaged to allow the CT shifting tool to move downhole to a previously stimulated stage.

You can count on our teams of highly trained technicians, our vast array of industry-leading equipment, and proven successful processes to maximize efficiency and minimize well-possession time—adding value that is only possible with a single-source, thru-tubing service provider.