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Wellbore tubulars and tubulars installation are some of the largest contributors of total well costs. Incorrect make up of tubulars can lead to additional time-consuming work and expenses along with potential well integrity issues.

Casing, tubing, and drillpipe are used in the overall well construction process to provide a barrier to formation pressure. Tubular running services encompass technology and services used in the handling and make up of OCTG, both onshore and offshore.

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Weatherford tubular running services focus on providing you with well integrity, safety, and efficiency in every step of your operation from the pipe yard to the rig floor through to total depth.

With our portfolio of tubular management services, rig system services, Total Depth® services, and conventional tubular running services, we’re able to provide an engineered solution that perfectly matches your unique drilling situation and delivers cost savings through operational efficiency.

With over six decades of experience, Weatherford has positioned itself as the world’s largest tubular running company, capable of developing industry-leading mechanized rig technology with a proven track record for enhancing rig safety and cost-effectiveness.

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Delivering comprehensive tubular programs

Weatherford tubular management services increase operational efficiency by extending tubular running services further upstream into offline operations off the critical path. This streamlined process eliminates much of the logistical and handling cost associated with your tubular programs.

Our fully integrated, mechanized, rig-ready packages used in the makeup and handling of casing, tubing, and drillpipe, enhance wellsite safety and operational efficiency.

Weatherford Total Depth services combine our upfront engineering expertise, well construction technologies, and top-drive casing running to deliver high-integrity casing string to TD safely and efficiently.

Our experienced leadership delivers quality and reliability in conventional and essential tubular handling equipment by using the latest technologies.


Weatherford tubular running services provide you with the essential collaboration that is critical to managing risk, while working with you in the developmental stages of well construction to enhance process safety and wellbore integrity.

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