Conventional Tubular Running Services


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Although cutting edge technology typically offers advantages in application speed and efficiency, conventional manual handling of tubulars is sometimes necessary or preferred.

Having served the oil and gas industry for more than six decades, Weatherford has vast rig-floor experience and a proven track record for enhanced rig safety and efficiency in providing tubulars. Our manual tubulars handling tools serve as a primary or secondary casing-running method.

Conventional TRS Running Services

As a leader in essential tubular handling, Weatherford conventional tubular running services provide handling tools and services to support drilling and completion operations at all stages of well construction.

And although we offer more mechanized solutions, our conventional services provide necessary support to those technology applications and ensure that no matter how you choose to construct your well, you will always be backed by strict standards for safety and quality.

We are the industry leader in tubular handling and running.

We’ve earned our spot through our legacy of leadership and our experience in using our entire portfolio of conventional construction tools. From power tongs used to tighten tubular connections, to elevators and slips for supporting pipes as they’re being made up, Weatherford has all the equipment needed to get the job done manually while never sacrificing reliability, safety, or quality.

Conventional TRS Control Cabin

Ensuring well integrity through connection integrity

Approximately 90 percent of recorded pipe failures occur at the connection. Our tubular running service engineers are connection integrity experts. We provide gas-tight seals that withstand high-torque  and bending stresses. Our JAMPro™ torque-monitoring systems ensure that your connections perform as secure mechanical barriers against formation pressures for the life of the well.

Weatherford conventional services provide a proven, reliable solution to tubular handling and installation, backed by experienced personnel and certified equipment that delivers tubular running operations on time. 

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