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Tubular running operations demand a diverse selection of specialized tools and equipment to achieve maximum safety and efficiency.

Selecting permanently integrated and field-proven rig equipment maximizes operational efficiency and enhances operational safety.

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Weatherford rig equipment sales offers a diverse family of innovative and reliable tubular running equipment for purchase.

Our comprehensive portfolio of conventional, mechanized, and semi-automated rig systems includes bucking units, positioning devices, power tongs, power units, and more. These tools enhance drilling operations and maximize tubular running efficiency onshore or offshore.

As the global leader in tubular running services, we design, engineer, manufacture, distribute, install, and service equipment that meets your needs for any asset, anywhere in the world.

We support our technologies before, during, and after the sale with the world’s most extensive tubular-running-equipment distribution network and an advanced supply chain. Our training and technical support is available throughout the life of the equipment.

Rig-Equipment Sales Iron Derrickman

The Weatherford Iron Derrickman® S3 pipe-handling system mechanically lifts and racks triple stands of drillpipe, heavyweight collars, and drill collars.

This mechanized system can trip 40 to 45 stands per hour, and it enhances safety by removing personnel from the mast and floor while tripping tubulars. When paired with our offline stand-building solutions, Iron Derrickman pipe handling saves substantial time by building stands away from the critical path without interrupting drilling operations.

Our tubular running technologies enhance operational safety, improve drilling efficiency, and reduce nonproductive time (NPT). We provide life-of-equipment service, training, and technical support through our global distribution network.