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As drilling operations become even more demanding, manually handling and positioning tubing can increase risks to personnel and your wellsite and can compromise efficiency and well integrity.

Rig mechanization provides technologies that reduce or eliminate the need for manual handling and intervention, which enables safer and more precise implementation.

Rig System Services ASD & RMS 2000

Weatherford rig system services provide mechanized rig systems that improve rig-floor operations by helping operators run equipment more safely and efficiently during demanding drilling operations.

By reducing the risk of human error, our mechanized rig systems reduce wellsite risk and NPT, which leads to greater efficiency.

With our modular plug-and-play approach to rig mechanization, we can provide combinations of positioning devices to suit your specific rig environment and to provide a specific tool for each task.

By fully integrating your control system, we can help ensure that our equipment is completely compatible with the rig drilling controls and zone management system to enhance safety and improve critical path efficiency.

rig system services TRS

Weatherford partners with you to deliver the optimal integrated solution—complete with positioning devices, power tongs, and other tubular running technologies—and the least disruption to the current rig floor package.

Together, we can devise a plan that supports safe, efficient tubular running to total depth for any rig type and environment. While meeting operator requirements, this integration approach provides a specific tool for each individual task and ensures that each tool compliments one another. 

Weatherford offers three main levels of integration packages, each of which integrate into existing zone management and anti-collision systems that prevent accidental contact between drill floor equipment.

Weatherford rig system services streamline your operations, reduce safety risks, and reduce NPT by providing mechanized tubular placement solutions that are fully compatible with your drilling controls and zone management system.


7.6-50 High-Torque Tubing Tong With LinkMaster Tong Adaptor Integrates Into Existing Rig Package With Zero NPT

Australia: ASD Elevator, RMS 2000, PowerScope®, 24-50 Mechanized Tong Maximize Casing-Running Efficiency and Enhance Safety

AutoCLAMP System Eliminates Manual Handling, Improves Run Rates, Saves 8 Hours on Offshore Well

AutoCLAMP System and RCS-500 Completion Slips Prevent Control Line Damage, Enhance Rig Safety, and Eliminate NPT in Ultradeepwater Well

JAMPro™ Net and TorkPro 3™ Software Evaluate Integrity of ~1,500 Tubular Connections in Real Time—Without Internet

JAMPro™ Torque-Measurement System Enables Real-Time Viewing of Tubular Make-Up, Helps Improve Well Integrity, Enhance Safety

Landing-String Slips 1250 Enables Landing of World’s Heaviest Casing String, Saves $15 Million

Mechanized Casing Running with PowerFrame® III Enhanced Safety and Improved Tubular-Running Efficiency on Drillship in the Middle East

Mechanized Power Tongs, HiPer™ System Integrate in Operator Equipment, Improve Efficiency, Enhance Safety in North Sea

Mechanized Tubular Running Services Prove Essential in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Incur Zero NPT, HSE Incidents

RMS 2000 Eliminates Need for Bail Swap, Saves $30,000 in Rig Time

RMS 2000 Rotary-Mounted Slips Save Time and Enhance Safety

RMS 2400 Elevator and Flush-Mounted Spider Enhances Safety in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Stabberless® System Enhances Safety, Dramatically Improving Casing Running and Surface Drilling Times

TorkWrench™ 10-100 Iron Roughneck and PowerArm 2.1 Device Enhance Rig Safety, Improve Efficiency

Tubular Running Services Makes Up 1,905 Compliant Connections on 10 Wells with Zero HSE Incidents