Rig Integration


Rig-Integration look-down-rig

Pre-installed rig systems are not always well suited for complications that arise during drilling operations. The right integrated rig equipment can overcome drilling challenges and achieve operational objectives.

Upgrading your rig with the right integrated solution can result in a safer, more efficient wellsite.

Rig Integration Rig floor

Weatherford collaborates and partners with our clients to deliver a customized integrated package of positioning devices, power tongs, and other tubular running technologies that minimize disruption to the current rig-floor package.

By engaging with operators and drilling contractors during the rig-building phase, we can recommend and install the optimal rig equipment to improve immediate and long-term operational outcomes.

Our approach to integrated tubular services not only provides a specific tool for each task, but it also delivers a suite of complementary technologies that work in combination with each other and with existing rig equipment.

We offer three levels of integration packages: basic, intermediate, and full chair integration. Each package integrates into existing zone-management and anticollision systems to prevent accidental contact between drill-floor equipment.

Rig-Integration power tongs

LinkMaster™ Tong Adaptor Series

The LinkMaster tong adaptor series enables compatibility between Weatherford tongs and drilling-package positioning devices for pipe-running operations. We preassemble the adaptor and tong and then install them in one lift for efficient rig up or rig down.

Weatherford integration packages optimize rig design using modular equipment, improve operational efficiency with mechanized technology, and increase equipment reliability with seamless integration.

Rig Integration