LinkMaster Tong Adaptor


Establishes compatibility between Weatherford tongs and drilling-package positioning devices for tubular-running operations 


  • Operating Weatherford tongs with drilling-package positioning devices that include NOV ARN 270, NOV ARN 200, NOV ARN 166, NOV ARN 5000, NOV ST 160, NOV MPT 200, and NOV MPT 270 
  • Running 2 3/8- to 7 5/8-in. tubing and 7- to 24-in. casing

Features and Benefits 

  • The adaptor allows for vertical displacement of the tong to enable running pipe sizes with variable gripping area distances. 
  • The adaptor stops the tong when pipe slips to enhance crew safety.
  • The adaptor is compatible with Weatherford stabbing guides that center pipe before makeup to precisely align pipe ends and prevent thread damage.
  • The integrated thread-compensation system prevents thread damage, which reduces repair costs and nonproductive time.
  • The adaptor can be integrated into anticollision and emergency shutdown (ESD) systems to enhance rig safety.
  • The adaptor works with Weatherford tongs that can be remotely controlled using the Weatherford HiPer™ control system and WiURCS™ wireless controller, which eliminates personnel from dangerous areas on the rig floor.
  • The adaptor can be customized to fit most positioning systems.

Tool Description 

The Weatherford LinkMaster tong adaptor makes Weatherford tongs compatible with drilling-package positioning devices, which enables those devices to position the tong at the center of the well to run tubulars. 

The preassembled LinkMaster adaptor and tong are installed in one lift for efficient rig up or rig down. After installation, the adaptor can be vertically adjusted to the height of the tong to increase efficiency when running pipe of varying heights and gripping areas. 

Weatherford offers three levels of integration: 

Basic integration: The driller controls the positioning device and the tong operator controls the tong and backup functions remotely using the HiPer control system. 

Intermediate integration: The tong operator controls both the positioning device and tong remotely using the HiPer control system.       

Full integration: Both the positioning device and tong are operated from the driller’s chair.



Weatherford tong type
Casing tong 14-100 Casing tong 24-50 Tubing tong 7.6-30
Tong interface weight (including tong and backup)
9,656 lb (4,380 kg) 9,480 lb (4,300 kg) 5,964 lb (2,705 kg)
Maximum torque
100,000 ft-lb (136,000 N∙m) 50,000 ft-lb (67,800 N∙m) 30,000 ft-lb (40,675 N∙m)
Pipe size
7 to 14 in. (178 to 357 mm) 10-3/4 to 24 in. (273 to 607 mm) 2-3/8 to 7-5/8 in. (60 to 194 mm)
Thread compensation
300 mm 300 mm 254 mm