Total Depth Services


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Without the proper infrastructure of technology and engineering knowledge and application, you run the risk of not reaching the optimal production depth of your well—which leads to a lack of production or to nonproductive time while you try to remediate structural issues.

Combined with well engineering services, our Total Depth® services is a blend of top drive casing-makeup systems and drilling with casing that provides high-integrity casing strings capable of reaching total depth.

TRS Drillship

Weatherford Total Depth services improve the way you reach planned depth.

By integrating a breadth of well-construction technologies with multidisciplinary engineering expertise, we can help you get your casing string to total depth safely and efficiently while optimizing well architecture, even in difficult drilling environments.

By combining upfront engineering expertise with best-matched well construction technology, we maximize value by exploiting assets while minimizing risk.

Total Depth engineering

Plan for total depth, provide comprehensive wellsite support services, develop tomorrow’s well construction technologies, and lay a foundation for service excellence through dedicated training.

Weatherford Total Depth services combine a host of well construction and engineering technologies and services to provide a customized solution that achieves total depth for your well. We also provide optimal production through effective design and enhance safety, efficiency, and well integrity in virtually any environment.