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As the industry moves towards reservoirs that are deeper, more complex, and more costly to develop, the need grows for technical solutions that enable successful drilling and completions under these conditions, while reducing cost and risk.

Drilling with casing permits the simultaneous drilling, running, setting, and cementing of casing while eliminating downhole complexity. Drilling-with-casing techniques are typically used to mitigate hazards when the operator is unable to get through a trouble zone.

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Weatherford drilling-with-casing (DwC™) or reaming-with-casing (RwC) technology for casing applications and drilling-with-liner (DwL) or reaming-with-liner (RwL) technology for liner applications are advanced, technical solutions for drilling or reaming to total depth through downhole hazards, lost-circulation zones, pressure transitions, and unstable formations.

These systems enable single-trip drilling or reaming to isolate problem sections behind the pipe and improve cementing and long-term well integrity.

Weatherford drilling with casing is the industry’s first method to precisely manage the plastering effect in which the casing string plasters the cutting and filter cake on the borehole wall to seal off fractures and stop drilling-fluid losses.

The plastering results in a stronger wellbore and a wider mud-weight window. It prevents lost circulation and potential kicks, which eliminates the need to run a contingency string to seal off trouble zones.

Weatherford drilling-with-casing technology increases drilling efficiency and reduces risk exposure by removing the need to trip pipe and bottomhole-assembley (BHA) components while constructing leaner wellbores.


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