Top Drive Casing Running and Drilling


Casing Running and Drilling Overdrive in progress

Reaching total depth in high-angle, extended-reach, and problematic wellbores is a huge concern in today’s more demanding drilling environments.

A safer, more efficient alternative to conventional casing installation, this tubular running and handling device connects directly to the top drive and combines several conventional casing running tools into one system that ultimately eliminates additional personnel and equipment from the rig floor.

Casing Running and Drilling OverDrive with Remote

The Weatherford OverDrive™ casing running and drilling system can be integrated with any top drive and combines conventional power tongs, bails, elevators, weight compensator, torque-turn/monitoring, and fill-up and circulating tools into one system.

The remotely operated system extends the functionality of the rig top drive from drillpipe to casing by enabling simultaneous rotation, reciprocation/push down, and circulation of the casing string. The system eliminates from the rig floor potential safety hazards such as equipment, scaffolding, and excess personnel.

The Weatherford OverDrive system advances well construction operations by eliminating manual handling and enabling portable rig mechanization and real-time hazard mitigation; enabling drilling through potential hazards (lost-circulation zones, pressure transitions, and unstable formations); and rotating and reciprocating the casing string during cementing to improve cement placement and bonding.

Casing Running and Drilling Compact ICT

TorkDrive™ tools are the primary OverDrive system component. Mounted on the top drive and operated remotely, the tools use the rotational power of the top drive to make up casing.

A TorkDrive tool is capable of interfacing with any top-drive system and can be installed quickly, without modifications, to the top drive or rig structure. Weatherford offers a broad portfolio of TorkDrive tools that extend the capabilities of the technology to virtually any drilling environment.

The OverDrive system enhances safety and efficiency in casing running, drilling-with-casing, and cementing operations through innovative technologies and multidisciplinary expertise.

Casing Running and TorkDrive Family of Equipment