Tubular Management Services


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One of the most important factors in well construction is ensuring proper pipe and connection preparation, which can result in improved well integrity, safety, and efficiency from exploration and development through to production.

Tubular management is a service that focuses on pipe and connection preparation, as well as inventory management, prior to delivery to the wellsite, and it eliminates much of the logistics and costs of your tubular programs.

ComCam with operator

Weatherford tubular management services (TMS) provide your operations with streamlined tubular programs.

We focus on taking tubular preparation offline to deliver rig-ready solutions to your wellsite, which enhances operational efficiency and well integrity while reducing well construction costs.

We integrate our experience, infrastructure, and technology to provide total tubular care—from pipe yard to wellsite.

Tailored to the specific operational needs of your onshore and offshore projects in remote locations or mature infrastructures, our tubular programs are delivered efficiently and productively.

tubular management services Port Fourchon Facility

Our five-acre Fourchon bucking-and-makeup facility is located on the same waterfront that services over 90 percent of GOM deepwater oil production.

We offer easy access to large trucks for pipe delivery. Our fully equipped loading dock includes a boat slip and dedicated crane that expedites handling and facilitates faster stand loading onto vessels. The facility has ample pipe storage capacity and a sophisticated inventory management system, which enable providing uninterrupted supplies of tubulars when you need them.

Enhancing offline operations reduces infrastructure and tubular running costs. We focus on connection integrity early in the planning to deliver connections that have been accepted and are ready to run—ultimately improving well integrity.