Well Abandonment and Intervention Services


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When production from a well is declining and abandonment is close at hand, it’s time to consider all the options. Understanding the asset and the available solutions is key to planning that optimizes production and then results in a safe, compliant, and efficient abandonment.

Ultimately, abandonment is inevitable, but late-stage intervention may not only make continued production viable, but may also help to offset the cost of abandonment when it is truly necessary.

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Weatherford consultants and our cost-effective, specialized technologies can help you prolong production from aging and marginal wells.

When it’s time to abandon wells, our specialists provide operational execution from pre-job to contingency planning, compliance, engineering, implementation, final abandonment, and everything in between.

Consultation on the revitalization potential of mature wells provides a clear path for engineering the best solution for continued production or abandonment and maintaining well integrity.

Innovative technologies provide new opportunities and efficiencies with highly specialized solutions for abandonment and late-stage intervention.

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Weatherford Rig-Free® technology can replace costly mobile and workover rigs during well intervention and abandonment operations for both onshore and offshore assets, especially in deepwater applications.

Weatherford provides consultation on the revitalization potential of mature wells with declining production, closed-in wells, and wells not producing to full capacity because of blockage or other obstructions. We can also remediate formation damage or other reservoir issues. When it’s time for abandonment, our dedicated abandonment teams, proprietary technologies, and single-source capabilities help you achieve well integrity, superior operational safety, and cost efficiency.

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