M.O.S.T Tool


Mechanical Outside Single Trip  Subsea Wellhead abandonment Tool.

Weatherford’s mechanical outside-latch single-trip (M.O.S.T.) subsea wellhead retrieval tool is designed to be run on drillpipe to cut and recover casing and conductor strings by latching onto the 18 3/4-in. wellheads via mechanically activating arms that latch onto the external profile of the 18 3/4-in. high-pressure housing with no depth restrictions.

The M.O.S.T. tool has a maximum pull capability of 400,000 lb (181 437 kg) and—when used in conjunction with the mechanical multistring cutter, rubber nonrotating stabilizer system, marine swivel, or mud motor—the internal damage to the recovered wellheads is null or minimized.


  • Offshore locations, including deep water and subsea wellheads

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The standard M.O.S.T. tool provides three cutting options—tension with a mud motor, compression with a mud motor, and compression with a top drive—ensuring operational flexibility.
  • The tool can cut and retrieve casing in a single trip, reducing rig time and associated costs.
  • The M.O.S.T. tool enables a greater circulation path for cuttings to exit the 18-3/4-in. high-pressure housing, improving operational efficiency.
  • The tool can be dressed to latch all major wellheads, providing operational flexibility.
  • The tool confirms the cut without an extra trip, saving rig time and associated costs.
  • The tool is easily latched and released to inspect cutter knives, improving operational efficiency.
  • The tool ensures minimal, if any, external and internal wellhead damage, ensuring future use of retrieved equipment.
  • Excellent lateral support, compression, and tension options provide multiple methods of cutting, ensuring operational flexibility to meet most operator requirements.


  • Weatherford offers specialized and comprehensive well-abandonment packages worldwide for many varieties of subsea and platform-based operations.