Rig-Free Heavy-Duty Pulling and Jacking Unit


Changing the economics of mature fields with a rig-less approach to offshore well intervention and abandonment

The Heavy-Duty Pulling and Jacking Unit can pull up to 220,000 lb
(99,790 kg) with a nominal pulling stroke of 60 ft (18.2 m). It can jack up to 600,000 lb (272,155 kg) with a nominal jacking stroke of 5 ft (1.5 m).

The pulling system uses a hydraulic cylinder encapsulated within a telescoping mast, and the jacking system has a four-cylinder jack with upper and lower split bowls and a false rotary jacking floor.

An innovative self-clamping skidding system gives the unit the ability to access multiple wells with no need to rig down any main system components. The unit can support a blowout preventer (BOP) in the undercarriage to enhance operational efficiency and safety when moving from well to well.


  • Offshore well abandonment
  • Offshore late-stage intervention
  • Load-bearing platform structures

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

  • The mobile design and small footprint enable efficient operations.
  • The gantry supports a trolley, which enhances safety by assisting the derrickman in maneuvering tubulars into storage.
  • Two beam risers support the main beams and enable clearance of the BOP stack.
  • A mezzanine walkway traverses the outer sides of both main beams for easy access to the mounting bolts for the systems above.
  • The hydraulic power unit complies with Class 1, Division 2 requirements for hazardous locations and consists of a coupled engine frame and pump frame that minimize shipping weight.
  • The pulling system supports the power swivel, which provides 8,100 ft-lb (10,982 N∙m) of torque to enable rotating downhole operations, including cutting, milling, reaming, washover, and drilling.
  • An optional high-torque power swivel that provides up to 12,000 ft-lb (16,270 N∙m) is available.



Pulling capacity (lb, kg) 220,000
Pulling stroke, nominal (ft, m) 60
Maximum operating wind (knots) 60
Drillpipe size, typical (in.) ≤ 3 1/2
Drillpipe length, typical (ft, m) 10,000
Racking system capacity (lb, kg) 160,000
10,000 (3 1/2 drillpipe)


Jacking capacity (lb, kg) 600,000
Jacking stroke (ft, m) 5
Jacking size, OD
maximum (in., mm)
Standard ≤ 30
≤ 762
Optional ≤ 36
≤ 914


Equipment weight on platform beams
(lb, kg)
Equipment weight on main beams
(lb, kg)
Heaviest pumping jack unit component
lift (lb, kg)
Estimated truck loads to transport
(pulling and jacking unit only)
Assembly/disassembly time 84 hr
Hurricane evacuation time 24 hr
Floor equipment handling hoist 2
Lift capacity (lb, kg) 1,500
Tong carrier capacity (equipment and
makeup loading) (lb, kg)