Rigless Intervention & Abandonment Technology


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To abandon or extend the life of aging and marginal wells, operators need more efficient, cost-effective, and safer alternatives than costly mobile and workover rigs.

Late-stage intervention solutions can revitalize aging, marginal wells and bring them back online to extend production and maximize recovery. But when it’s time to abandon, it’s critical that operators get effective tools and professional services to correctly manage costs, safety, and complex government regulations.

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Weatherford Rig-Free® technology can replace costly mobile and workover rigs during well intervention and abandonment operations for onshore and offshore assets, especially in deepwater applications.

The compact and powerful Rig-Free heavy-duty pulling and jacking unit handles tubulars and conductors with ease and can be placed where there are no existing derrick systems. The hydraulically powered telescoping mast of this unit sits directly above the well center and has a pulling capacity of 220,000 lb (99,790 kg) in 60-ft increments.ms.


Rig-Free technology is safer and more efficient and cost effective than mobile drilling and workover units.

The unit is engineered to enable performing jobs on space-restricted platforms within short timeframes. The Rig-Free unit can stay in place from start to finish, performing all of your intervention and abandonment tasks and more.

The Rig-Free light-duty unit shares most of the attributes and systems of our heavy-duty unit, such as power swivels and seamless changeover from mast-assisted to jacking operations.

The light-duty unit enables conductor pulling and many other intervention and abandonment tasks, especially in situations where space is at a premium and where platform structural strength is low. The light-duty unit can pull 30,000 lb (13,607 kg) and has a jacking capacity of 1,000,000 lb (453,592 kg).

Our Rig-Free portfolio also includes the Rig-Free work deck designed for well abandonment services.

With its integrated 2-ton jib crane and small footprint, the work deck is well suited for tubular running and removal on small or satellite platforms. It can be placed directly on a platform deck or deployed as a cantilever system. The work deck also minimizes the number of required crew members.

Our exclusive Rig-Free technology eliminates rig time, which dramatically reduces the cost of critical offshore late-stage interventions, production revitalization, and abandonment. Our Rig-Free units replace costly jackup and workover rigs and snubbing units. They stay in place from start to finish, performing all of your intervention and abandonment tasks and more.