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Whether you’re drilling a complex well on land or in deep water, remnants of drilling fluid or other debris lingering in the wellbore can require remedial workover trips, cause downhole equipment failure, and even cripple production by plugging the formation. In fact, wellbore debris is blamed for a third of all failed completions. 

Wellbore cleaning services can be implemented before or after production begins, to remove drilling mud or other debris that can increase nonproductive time (NPT), operating costs, and health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks.

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Weatherford CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning services—using our chemical, mechanical, and hydraulic technologies—provide a clear path for production by safely and effectively removing wellbore debris. These technologies reduce operational costs, eliminate formation damage, and protect personnel and equipment.

The CLEARMAX system includes our suite of CLEARMAX tools that can be integrated into other drilling operations to save significant rig time. These tools include the Engineered Clean™ hydraulic software package, a portfolio of downhole tools to deliver the physical cleaning process, and chemical technology to provide the cleaning fluid train to complete the wellbore cleaning methodology.

All CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning service tools are manufactured in house, which enables shorter delivery times, eliminates reliance on third parties, and provides the flexibility to respond to specific client requirements.

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Our CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning services help you recoup your investment much faster by eliminating multiple trips during the cleaning process.

Our unique and integrated approach also extends to engineering a bottomhole assembly that enables you to execute simultaneous operations. This method could include drilling out cement to establish a new target plugged-back total depth during the cleaning trip, which would save even more time and rig costs.

Included in our CLEARMAX portfolio is the ISO-MAX security packer. It enables negative testing of a liner overlap and shoe track on the same run as the main wellbore cleanup and eliminates potential damage from excessive liner-hanger loading.

Weatherford CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning services efficiently and cost effectively remove borehole debris. By combining a comprehensive suite of chemical and mechanical technologies with wellbore intervention specialists, these services provide an integrated approach that simultaneously improves field safety and profitability.

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