Zonal Isolation


Inflatable Packers inflate Cover

Ineffective zonal isolation can result in fluid and gas migration that may lead to increases in rig time, risk, and overall well construction costs.

The Weatherford field-proven inflatable packer and swellable well construction technologies provide reliable, high-pressure seals for effective zonal isolation to reduce well construction cost and risk while enhancing wellbore integrity.

Zonal Isolation Underground view

Weatherford inflatable packers can be used during drilling, completion, and remediation operations.

Our packers provide effective zonal isolation for numerous applications, including  gas shutoff, production segmentation, openhole testing, selective stimulation, acidizing, and plug and abandonment. Our swellable well construction products and services also provide short-term annular seals and long-term microannulus isolation solutions to achieve quality primary cementing and enhanced zonal isolation.

From our portfolio of robust and versatile technologies and services, we can provide effective zonal isolation for your specific application.

To bolster our line of products, we offer complete operations and technical support. Our seasoned technical support groups provide pre-job planning, written procedures, and installation services. We can deliver a total system capable of lowering risk and eliminating the complications of dealing with multiple vendors.

Weatherford zonal isolation technologies and services―featuring our robust inflatable packers and swellables―enhance well integrity while mitigating gas migration and water shutoff.

Zonal Isolation well construction