Inflatable Packers


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Effectively isolating discreet zones at different locations over the life of the well is a basic requirement during the drilling, completion, intervention, and abandonment cycles. Isolation is required for testing, cementing casing or liners, treating, producing, and shutting off unwanted production and pressure anomalies.

Inflatable products are used throughout the well life cycle―from drilling and completions to intervention and abandonment.

ZI inflatable packers

Weatherford inflatable packers are custom engineered and field proven for specific applications such as water/gas shutoff, production, openhole testing, selective stimulation, acidizing, and plug and abandonment.

Our inflatable packers provide excellent zonal isolation in nearly any operational environment, from deep water and shale to geothermal and gas storage; and they reduce well construction costs and risks. Whether you are testing, cementing, or sidetracking into a new lateral, our inflatable packers provide protection and security.

Weatherford provides not only reliable packers, but also our experienced operational and technical support team that can help you with prejob planning, written procedures, and job installation services.

Furthermore, we conduct post-job assessments to verify that we met your objectives.

Our inflatable packers are highly complementary products that can be integrated into a complete system, for example, with Weatherford liner hangers, sand screens, cementing tools, multilaterals and casing exits, and production equipment. This total system capability lowers risk and eliminates the complications of dealing with multiple sources and incompatible components.

The Weatherford suite of inflatable packer systems and services includes BULLDOG™ annulus casing packers, injection production packers (IPP®), and inflatable straddle packers (ISPs).

The BULLDOG packer establishes a reliable, permanent, high-pressure seal that eliminates annular flow and helps to maintain casing integrity for the life of the well. Our injection production packers provide versatility for testing, remedial, or abandonment applications while offering temporary or permanent zonal isolation with the largest expansion ration of any packer type in the industry. Likewise, Weatherford inflatable straddle packers isolate specific zones in open, cased, and perforated holes in horizontal or deviated wells for selective treating, testing, or production evaluation.

Our inflatable packers preserve wellbore integrity, enhance reservoir management options, and provide long-term value in drilling, completion, and remediation applications.