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In cased-hole or openhole operations, you need a cost-effective, immediate zonal isolation tool to help eliminate annular flow and maintain casing integrity.

Annulus casing packers provide a permanent, reliable, high-pressure seal to enhance well integrity for the life of the well.

Zonal Isolation Underground view

Weatherford BULLDOG™ ACP® inflatables are suitable for cased or open hole in horizontal and vertical applications and offer cost-effective solutions to cementing, completion, and production concerns.

Typically built on a mandrel equivalent to well casing, BULLDOG ACP packers maintain burst, collapse, and tensile integrity throughout the casing section. 

The Weatherford continuous and discontinuous BULLDOG ACP system features a durable, industry-exclusive, proprietary wire-locking design that secures the valve assembly, sleeve, and other components to the mandrel without pressure-containing welds.

The rubber components are rated for extremely high pressures and temperatures and have proven reliable in quality-critical applications throughout the world.

The BULLDOG ACP system includes reliable, field-proven elements that offer consistent zonal isolation protection and security, even under the most severe conditions.

Its application-specific elements have been proven to withstand temperatures up to 375°F (190.56°C) as well as corrosive fluids and gases—all while maintaining excellent strength and elastomeric properties.

The BULLDOG ACP from Weatherford is a field-proven packer technology that provides a permanent, reliable, high-pressure seal to secure zonal isolation for wellbore integrity while helping to reduce well construction costs and risk.

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