Eliminator GT Series Gas-Tight Mechanical Port Collar


Facilitates fullbore cementing with no drillout


  • Stage cementing operations that use an annulus casing packer

Features and Benefits 

  • Multiple large-diameter ports enable the cement slurry to displace drilling fluid, which promotes a more efficient cementing operation.
  • The proprietary seal system is qualified to ISO 14998 V0 standards to provide gas-tight operating.
  • The internal sliding sleeve is pressure balanced to provide a reliable opening and closing.
  • The fullbore inside diameter (ID) requires no drillout.
  • Because no drillout is required, the tool can remain in place and act as a contingency option for cement placement.

Tool Description 

The Weatherford Eliminator GT Series gas-tight mechanical port collar model 763 is designed for use when the first stage of cement cannot be lifted high enough to cover the hydrocarbon-bearing zone.  

The tool is a fullbore cementing valve that is opened and closed with axial workstring movement and is made up and run on either casing or liner. It requires no plugs or seats, requires no drillout after use, and leaves the inside diameter (ID) clean of excess cement after closure.  

During operations, an internal sleeve opens and closes through engagement of a collet-shifting tool that is made up on the workstring. The collet is typically placed between opposed cups on a service tool. The service tool is run in the well on an inner string. The collet will engage the sleeve and shift it to the open position. With the sleeve open, a full primary cement job can be performed by pumping down the workstring, out of the service tool, through the open port collar, and into the annulus behind the casing or liner. 

Upon completion of the cement job, axial movement in the opposite direction closes the sleeve and seals the port collar closed. The service tool is then retrieved from the well, leaving the ID of the port collar full bore to the casing or liner ID and free of cement or other debris.