Injection Production Packers


Inflatable Production Packers Inflate Cover

To secure annular isolation between the work string and casing, or in openhole situations, and to assist in remedial or abandonment applications during drilling and production, you need technology that can provide a positive, pressure-tight seal.

Injection production packers provide a versatile workover isolation system that enables seamless testing, stimulation, and production.

Injection Production packer underground

With one-trip capability, Weatherford IPP® packers give you the flexibility of a temporary or permanent seal for single or multiple packer configurations, regardless of hole deviation.

The relatively small OD of IPP packers permits them to pass through tight restrictions and then inflate and set in larger openings. IPP packers are made of Weatherford elastomers that can perform in high temperatures, corrosive fluids, and gases. Additionally, they can be constructed with steel-rib reinforcement or can be fully covered with cable reinforcement.

Weatherford IPP packers—with their small ODs and large expansion ratios—offer temporary or permanent zonal isolation options to achieve an effective seal.

A wide range of accessory equipment, such as  disconnects, retrieving tools, sliding sleeves, tubing drains, and circulating valves, extend the usefulness of the IPP systems in any application.

The Weatherford line of injection production packers provides versatility for testing, remedial, or abandonment applications, while offering an efficient temporary or permanent solution for reliable zonal isolation.

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